TL;DR: How to create and integrate a Selenium serverless scrapper with Apache Nifi


OpenFaaS is a great serverless framework. In my previous article I showed how to create a serverless function with a rapid development cycle fashion.

A great advantage of the serverless paradigm is the flexibility. …

TL;DR: In 5 minutes you’ll have your full serviceless platform in your Kubernetes cluster.

Motivation: Why do you want a FaaS?

OpenFaaS is an open-source FaaS framework. Yet another “serviceless” framework (Function as-a Service). It has a community open source version and commercial “pro” version (SSO and others enterprise must services).

Unlike microservices, FaaS is designed to…

TL;DR: How to deploy pgbouncer on Kubernetes to allow use more database connections


If you develop apps using frameworks such as Django o RoR, you have probably faced the following problem/error.

FATAL: sorry, too many clients already

As you know, these kind of frameworks uses a database connection pool with…

TL;DR: How to use a Wordpress helm chart to set up a marketing frontend quickly and easily.

The marketing frontend

Nowadays it’s rare to find a marketing page or website (landing, portfolio, product specs, …) which doesn’t use Wordpress.

I’m not going to enter in its benefits in detail, just enumerate the most…

TL;DR: The API definition and documentation must be in a separate repository.


In the desktop or CLI apps era, you probably only had one folder where you would put all your code.

When the CVS arrived, you put that folder in version control.

With the Internet explosion, the develop paradigm…

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