How to create a Kubernetes cluster with Rancher on Hetzner

The 3 stars of our story

About Kubernetes, Rancher and Hetzner

Why Rancher?

0. Prerequisites

1. Prepare your Hetzner Account and get API token

2. Install Rancher

Hetzner’s create private network wizard
It’s time to create a new cluster!

3. Install Hetzner Cloud driver

Oh damn it! Where is Hetzner?

4. Cluster node template

List of enabled Hetzner API tokens
Hetzner Generate API token dialog

5. Create the cluster

Hetzner driver ready to create our cluster!
Add cluster in Hetzner screen
Enter the Hetzner token dialog
Node template dialog
  • Ubuntu 18.04 with CX21 (2 vCPUS / 4 GB RAM) for master node (etcd, control panel)
  • Ubuntu 18.04 with CX31 (2 vCPUS / 8 GB RAM) for worker node (workload pods)
  • 1 Master node named “master” with CX21 template based.
  • 1 Worker node named “worker” with CX31 template based.
Master & Comand Panel

6. Configuring your cluster

One place to control all your cluster
Kubectl works perfectly

Volume class driver

Native Load Balancer

(Soft) Load Balancer with MetalLB

  1. We install it using manifests


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Beyond-Full-stack developer #go #python #kubernetes #terraform #devops

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JM Robles

JM Robles

Beyond-Full-stack developer #go #python #kubernetes #terraform #devops

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