How to backup your Postgres DB into AWS S3 in Kubernetes

TL;DR: Use CronJob to schedule a DB daily backup

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Designing our backup solution

Our business requirements for the backup solution are:

  • Secure and encrypted. Custody of data is essential. We will use secure transport up to S3 and the files will be encrypted with a symmetric key.
  • Kubernetes way. Backups should be done automatically using Kubernetes resources.

Create and configure an AWS S3 bucket

It’s very pretty straightforward create a AWS S3 bucket. We create it using our main AWS account with the “Create bucket wizard”.

AWS S3 New bucket wizard
Just the permissions needed
Wizard to create a user with AWS API access only
Check “Attach existing policies directly”
Our policy ready to be assigned

Write and apply CronJob

We create a bash script with the following steps:

  1. Compression with BZip2.
  2. Encrypt the file.
  3. Upload it to S3.
Our simple but powerful bash script
kubectl apply -f backup-postgres-cronjob.yaml

Check it up!

For a rapid testing, we apply a each 5 minutes cron schedule (*/5 * * * *).

Backup done! AWS S3 console


If you have a Kubernetes cluster, probably you need backups.


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