Apache H2 Database driver for Go

Oh yeah! The H2 SQL Driver for Go is here at last!


Apache H2 is a light weight and high performance SQL Database written in Java.


Some months ago, I worked in a “tech debt” project where a lot of business logic was coded as SQL sentences.

Let’s do it

It have been my first Go SQL driver.

Hello world, H2!

The following example demonstrate how to use the H2 SQL Go driver.

The repository

Here is the respository: https://github.com/jmrobles/h2go


  • Support of basic types: string, float, double, short, long, date, time, timestamp, timezones, …
  • Basic testing with CI (GitHub Action)
  • Prepared Statements
  • Parametrized DML statements(parameter symbol: ?)
  • Transaction support.
  • Logging with different levels.


  • Implementation of complex types: UUID, JSON, Blob, etc.
  • MultiResultSet support.
  • Older Go versions compatibility.
  • Other H2 version support.
  • More tests.
  • Benchmark tests.


The development of the driver has been very didactic. The most difficult part was analyzing and implementing the protocol due to the lack of internal documentation.

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Thanks so much! =D



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