Apache H2 Database driver for Go

Oh yeah! The H2 SQL Driver for Go is here at last!



Let’s do it

Hello world, H2!

The repository


  • Support of basic types: string, float, double, short, long, date, time, timestamp, timezones, …
  • Basic testing with CI (GitHub Action)
  • Prepared Statements
  • Parametrized DML statements(parameter symbol: ?)
  • Transaction support.
  • Logging with different levels.


  • Implementation of complex types: UUID, JSON, Blob, etc.
  • MultiResultSet support.
  • Older Go versions compatibility.
  • Other H2 version support.
  • More tests.
  • Benchmark tests.


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Thanks so much! =D




Beyond-Full-stack developer #go #python #kubernetes #terraform #devops

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JM Robles

JM Robles

Beyond-Full-stack developer #go #python #kubernetes #terraform #devops

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